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Group Cruises and Vacations are perfect for groups of people that want to celebrate, educate or just hang out together.  Traveling as a group offers great extras and perks for everyone who travels with that group.  

We will organize all of your groups needs including flights, hotel/cruise, transportation, tours and anything else your group may need.  We an arrange for your group to utilize special areas of the hotel or cruise if needed.

If your group has a special request you would like to incorporate (special wine for your wine group, or special food items for your foodie group, or even a guest speaker), we will make all the arrangements to ensure the group has a true hands-on experience.  Shore excursions and Tours can be arrange if there are enough people, so you can have your own private tour.  If you are on a group cruise, and would like to pre or post extend in a hotel, we will arrange the hotel rooms for the group and take care of getting the group or individuals to and from the hotel, then to the port or the airport.  These are just a few of the things we can do for groups.